mikola iso

”From street art to minimalism, Mikola’s art encompasses a wide variety of styles. He often displays familiar shapes apart from their familiar purposes.”

-Janne Kauppinen,  Researcher, Regional art museum of the Province of Oulu



Joonas Mikola


Born 1987 in Turku, Finland.

Works and lives in Oulu.

Group exhibitions:
Oulu, Pohjankartano school, 2006
Liminka, Taidekoulun kevätnäyttely 2007
Rovaniemi, Regional museum, 2010
Rovaniemi, Varjo-Gallery, 2011
Turku, B-Gallery, 2011
Lappeenranta, Hoi Sie gallery, 2012
Joensuu, Gallery Harha, 2012
Rovaniemi, Cafe Kauppayhtiö, 2013
Kärsämäki, Ars Kärsämäki, 2013
Rovaniemi, Gallery Valo, 2014

Single exhibitions:
Oulu, Kellarigallery, 2008
Rovaniemi, Gallery Valo, 2011
Rovaniemi, Gallery Kilo, 2011
Rovaniemi, Gallery Katve, 2011
Jyväskylä, Cafe Vakiopaine, 2012
Rovaniemi, Koti gallery, 2012
Rovaniemi, Galleria Katve III, 2015
Oulu, Cabin Obscura -installation in abandoned cabin, 2015
Oulu, Ränni-gallery, 2016

Public works:

Turku, Buxo Birdhouse, yellow, 2011. Collection of Jan-Erik Andersson’s ”Life on a Leaf” house.
Oulu, Isolation, 2015. Collection of Oulu art museum.


Photo: Jan-Erik Andersson